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Renault Car Keys

Renault Immobiliser systems explained

renault-car-key-fixing-service-in-chorley-prestonAll Renault cars since around 1995 have an immobiliser system fitted. Early Renaults use an infra-red remote control which was used to disarm the immobiliser, this system was very troublesome and used till around 1997. From around 1997 Renault introduced transponders which were embedded in the head of the key. Each transponder has its own unique information which is store in the body module which Renault call the UCH module.

Lost Renault Keys, Lost Renault Key Cards

renault-car-key-replacement-serviceDon’t worry too much if you have lost your Renault car key or lost your Renault key card. Mobile auto locksmiths Blackpool will come to your vehicle so no expensive recovery costs and pick open your Renault door locks using specialised tools and decode the locks to produce a key that fits the vehicles original door locks without leaving a single mark on your vehicle. Mobile auto locksmiths Blackpool’s technicians will then program in your new Renault car key or Renault key card this whole process, 99% of time is carried out same day.

Spare Renault Keys, Spare Renault Key cards

renault-car-key-replacement-service-in-chorley-prestonIf you need a spare Renault key or Renault key card, then Mobile auto locksmith Blackpool can help . We can produce Renault car key or Renault key card same day while you wait either at our workshop or at your home or place of work.

Replacement Renault Keys, Replacement Renault Key Cards

Heres a list of some Renault models we produce keys for: Renault clio, Renault twingo, Renault megane, Renault laguna, Renault vel satis, Renault kangoo, Renault trafic, Renault master.

Renault Key Programming

Early Renault cars including infra-red models and early transponder keys Renault clio’s till around 2001 had dealer keys and these keys cannot be programmed in threw the diagnostic port. This means keys for these vehicles had to be purchased from the dealers, take 7 days to arrive and where very expensive. Mobile auto locksmith Blackpool can produce these specialised transponders for these early vehicle by means of eeprom work (reading the immobilisers control units memory) only the very best auto locksmiths do eeprom work and mobile auto locksmiths prides itself on their eeprom work. Later models use an 8 or 12 digit pin code, using specialist knowledge and the latest equipment which can read the vehicles pin code directly from the vehicles UCH module. To successfully program your Renault car key or Renault key card.

If you have any more questions about your Renault car key, please give our head technician Graham a call on 07956 631491 (If no answer please text).