Broken car key repairs blackpool


Lost or Stolen Car Key Replacement

lost stolen car key replacement service blackpool, chorley and pprestonWhether your keys have been lost or stolen, Car Keys Blackpool can come to you and sort out a replacement key for your vehicle. We can come to you at a time and place that suits you and at an unbeatable price. We operate our comprehensive Auto Locksmiths service in Blackpool, Preston, Chorley, Lancaster and around the North West.

Duplicate / Spare Car Key

duplicate and spare car key service in chorley and prestonCar Keys Blackpool Auto Locksmiths can provide you with a duplicate or spare key. All replacement car keys are cut, fitted with a transponder chip and programmed into your vehicle’s immobiliser system at your location. Duplicate car keys are much easier and cost effective to produce than lost keys.

Non Destructive Vehicle Entry

non destructive vehicle entry services chorley, prestonIn case you have locked yourself out of your vehicle, Car Keys Blackpool Auto Locksmiths technicians can gain access to your vehicle using the very latest non-destructive car picks and tools even if vehicle is dead locked. Car Keys Blackpool Auto Locksmiths are Experts at picking vehicle locks and will not damage your vehicle or your vehicle locks in anyway.

Broken Car Key Repair Or Replacement

Whether your Car key has simply snapped or broken off in the ignition or door lock, Car Keys Blackpool Auto Locksmiths can extract the broken part of your car key and cut and program a replacement car key for your vehicle using the latest tools and technology in the Auto Locksmiths Industry.

ECU Programming And Immobiliser Work

ecu programming and immobiliser work preston chorleyCar Keys Blackpool Auto Locksmiths can undertake work on the vehicle’s ECU, BSI, BODY MODULE. To fix immobiliser problems and to program new or used control units.

Eeprom Work

eeprom workThe phrase “Eeprom Work” means making a transponder chip from just the immobiliser or body unit for a vehicle. The advantages of Eeprom work is that there is no delay in time, waiting for Main dealers to get pin codes or expensive precoded transponders. The transponders we produce are then fitted inside your replacement car keys. Car Keys Blackpool Auto Locksmiths produces all types of precoded transponder from eeprom work. Eeprom work is only undertaken by the most competent Auto Locksmiths. And we at Car Keys Blackpool Auto Locksmiths pride ourselves on our eeprom work.